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Our Operations

Dangote Sugar Refinery Plc (“Dangote Sugar” or “DSR”) is a household name in the sugar refining sector of the Nigerian Food and Beverage Industry. Our sugar refining facility at Apapa is the largest in Sub-Saharan Africa, with 1.44MT per annum installed capacity. Our core competences include:

Refining of raw sugar to make high quality Vitamin A fortified and non- fortified granulated white sugar

Marketing and distribution of our refined sugar grades in 50kg, 1kg, 500g & 250g packages

Cultivation and milling of sugar cane to finished sugar from our sugar backward integration projects located at Numan, in Adamawa state.

Development of Greenfield projects in line with our “Sugar for Nigeria Project,” strategic plan

Our business provides key value added support services for our customers including logistics, supply – chain management, credit and risk advice, sales and merchandising. Our refining operations are supported by warehouses located strategically across the country and served by more than 500 trucks that take our finished products to the market.

Refinery Operations

Dangote Sugar is a world class 1.44MT/PA facility located at Shed 20 NPA Apapa Wharf Complex, at Apapa Wharf Lagos. The facility, commissioned in year 2000, was the first sugar refinery build in Nigeria, with an initial refining capacity of 600,000MTPA.

Over the years, the facility has undergone two major upgrades which turned it into one of the largest sugar refineries in the world with 1.44MTPA refining capacity, at the same location. The refinery is powered efficiently with gas and/or Low-Pour Fuel Oil (LPFO) with 16MW of in-house power generating capability.

The Dangote Sugar refinery, produces 45 ICUMSA Vitamin A Fortified refined granulated free flowing crystal white sugar, packaged and distributed in 50kg, 1kg, 500g, 250g and non-fortified granulated sugar in 50kg bags. The sugar sold under the brand name Dangote Sugar is loved and preferred over any other sugar brand in Nigeria by consumers.

Our facility and production processes are operated in line with regulatory and international standards, and can accommodate requests for special products and packaging from customers.

Dangote Sugar Refinery is QMS, (ISO 9001:2008), FSMS, (ISO 22000:2005), OHSMS, (ISO 18001:2007) and (FSSC 22000) certified.


Raw (VHP) Sugar receipt

Pre-melting of VHP

Melting of VHP

Liquor Straining







Sugar Drying


Vitamin A Fortification

Finished Products (Sugar) Packaging

Moody's affirms Dangote Sugar Refinery’s Caa1 CFR, Outlook changed to stable

Sales and Distribution

Dangote Sugar is a leading supplier of high quality refined granulated Vitamin A fortified white sugar for direct consumption, and non-fortified sugar for industrial use.

Our sugar brand is a leader with over 70% of the Nigerian sugar industry market share, and are trusted by the various industries we serve. Through our vast network of trade distributors we reach a wide variety of consumers in Nigeria, and neighbouring countries, on the West African coast.

With high volume capacity warehouses at strategic locations across Nigeria. The warehousing locations is part of Dangote Sugar’s strategy to optimize supply chain opportunities by being close to our markets with very fast and reliable delivery service.

Export Sales Operations

Dangote Sugar Export Sales Operations are backed up by a professional sales team, with an understanding of export operations requirements in Nigeria.

Please send your enquires, requests to Export Sales Operations on exportsales@dangotesugar.com.ng

Export Operations
Mohammad T. Ahmed
Email: exportsales@dangotesugar.com.ng
Cell: +234 80714 91435

Private Label Packaging

Customize Your Brand, Grow your business!

Looking for ways to market your brand, and improve your business? Our private label packaging initiative is the answer. The customized packaging offers you promotional advantages for your brand. With a minimum order quantity of 3500 bundles of any Retails SKUs in 1kg, 500grams and 250grams you are well on your way to building a brand.


DSR Fleet is a fast and very reliable service provider to over 1000 Dangote Sugar customers nationwide. Our finished products are delivered to our markets nationwide vide our over 400 haulage trucks in the DSR fleet.

With a professional team that has a minimum of 15 years industry experience, our goal is to be the best by helping our customers achieve their delivery schedules and timelines.

Our employees are empowered to take ownership of every transaction, adopt cost effective measures to ensure seamless operations and efficiency at resolving the inevitable problems that may occur when traffic grid locks, weather, other road mishaps threaten timely fulfillment of scheduled commitments to our customers.

Email: fleetoperations@dangotesugar.com.ng

Sugar for Nigeria – The Future of our Business.

Nigeria is a net importer of sugar, either raw for refining or in its refined and granulated forms. This dependence on imports, a reflection that until recently, Nigeria had no functional sugar production industry; despite the fact that Nigeria is a country that is blessed with abundant fertile land suitable for sugar cane farming.

Recognizing this paradox, the Federal Government of Nigeria in year 2012 drew up and implemented the Nigerian Sugar Master Plan, (NSMP), an ambitious drive to make Nigeria self-sufficient in sugar production by achieving 1.7 MT of refined sugar from locally grown sugarcane per annum. The plan will also see to the reduction in outflows of Nigerian cash for imports and creating thousands of jobs in sugar production.

The Sugar Backward Integration sites

For the achievement of our 1.5 – 2.0 million metric tons of refined sugar from locally grown sugar cane from our integrated sugar sites across Nigeria, our strategy is to farm more than 150,000 hectares of land in addition to Dangote Sugar Numan brownfield project.

Integrated sugar mills will be sited at various locations to:

– Refine white sugar from locally grown sugarcane to sell into local markets and where appropriate, to export to other markets across West Africa.

– Generate power from bagasse for own use, with any excess electricity being sold to the national grid.

– Produce Fuel Ethanol (ethyl alcohol).

– Produce Animal feed from molasses and bagasse.

– Produce Bio-Fertilizer from press mud /filter cake during sugar manufacturing.

DSR Numan

Dangote Sugar Refinery backward integration project located at Numan, Adamawa State, Nigeria is a sugar production operation on 32,000 hectares of land, with a milling capacity of 50,000 tonnes of sugar per annum. 

At present, DSR Numan produces refined sugar from just 6,750 hectares of sugar cane cultivated on its sugarcane fields; with over 700 full-time staff, and over 5,000 part-time staff, with seasonal workers during the harvest season.


The Nasarawa Sugar Company Limited, is one of Dangote Sugar Refinery Plc Backward Integration Projects. The 78,000 hectares Sugar Project Site, located at Tunga, Awe Local Government Area, of Nasarawa State, along River Benue in Nigeria.

The Memorandum of Understanding with the Nasarawa state government was signed, in June 2017, and the compensation for the land in the sum of N3.25 billion fully paid to the landowners. The land clearing, planting and infrastructure development are ongoing at the site, as well as factory design amongst others.
In addition, the various social responsibility projects lined up for execution in the immediate communities are ongoing, while some were completed.

The project employs about 325 staff, 175 permanent staff and 150 casuals for the land development, which will continue to increase in line with the requirements for the project development.

Lau/Tau Project, Taraba State

This first phase of the project has begun with pre-project implementation activities and the development of our Lau/Tau project site in Taraba State. The Lau & Tau Sugar Project will be the first of the new sites to be developed over the next three years. The area is located on the south bank of the Benue River in Taraba State, about 30 km Northeast of Jalingo, in Taraba State.

The total land area at Lau/Tau is 30,000ha. The project will produce 2.3 million tonnes of sugarcane. Lau/Tau will have a cane milling factory capable of handling 12,000 tonnes/day, and the aim is to produce 250,000 tonnes of refined sugar per annum.